David Icke videocast: Silicon Valley, Home to the Transhumanist Nightmare


David Icke Videocast

Silicon Valley, Home to the Transhumanist Nightmare

  • David Icke visited Singularity University at Silicon Valley (California), where in the center of NASA research park are organizations involved in high-tech research into transhumanism and Artificial intelligence.

The whole Agenda for Humanity to have technology put inside body using nanotechnology, and this technology will connect human mind to technological sub reality, called „The Cloud“. Humans will be connected to the Cloud by 2030 and we will then think from the Cloud.

The Cloud will do more and more of human thinking until it does human thinking in its entirety, and this whole Agenda is complete hijacking of the human conscious mind by those that control "The Cloud"...

Source: David Icke


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Анонимни | Anonymous Serbia

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Анонимни | Anonymous Serbia
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